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Adapter for propane tank in Turkey

Customer (PF13L160): 

Hı there,  Hope you have a nice day.

I am writing to you from Turkey and wonder if you have overseas shipping to Turkey?  All my life I have searched for a true wok burner and here you have the perfect product, “PowerFlamer Propane 160”.

If you have overseas shipping, I wonder how much will it cost for shipping to Turkey/İstanbul?   What is the size of package?   Thanks for your help.   Regards


We ship worldwide.    Shipping charge is US$xxx.  Package size is xxx inches and weight about xx lbs.  You are responsible for import duty/brokerage etc.   


Thanks a lot for your prompt reply!  In terms of optional specifications of the burner, which options are problem free? Do you recommend electronic  ignition? I will use only tank.

And which shipping company you prefer for shipping?  I ask this because in the past I had problems with DHL. I prefer regular postal services for Turkey, which is PTT Turkey. Do I have the chance to have shipping via PTT?  Thank you so much. 


The simplest option is manual ignition.   You will need a long nose BBQ igniter to ignite the main burner.  We use FEDEX (UPS, USPS) mostly.  FEDEX can reach you within a week.  USPS (regulator postal services) can simplify import duty process but can take up to a month and the package can get lost easily.   Please put in a note on your order on your preference of shipping carrier.  We will try to accommodate but not guarantee.  We can’t spend too much over the shipping charge we collect. 

Our stove ships with an ACME type 1 QCC tank connector.  Our experience is that your tank inlet is different and may not have an ACME fitting on its inlet.  Customer in your region may need to custom make tank adapter for the stove to connect to the tank.   Can you send picture of your tank inlet such that we can start discussing any suitable approach?


Thank you for your reply.  I am very exited !!!

Upon your recommendation, I would prefer manual ignition.

I will consult a friend of mine about shipping who has knowledge of custom processes.

In the attachment, there are two types of tank connection.   I will get back to you.


You provide pictures of two regulators used in your area.   They look like those used in Saudi Arabia.  The question remains – how to find an adapter to connect from our stove to your tank?   Our stove goes with an ACME type 1 QCC connector like below.  Can you ask your propane provider? 


I have 2 questions;

1- What is the diameter of the hose that is used with ACME type 1 QCC connector?

2- Does ACME type 1 QCC has a kind of importance in gas flow rate?

I ask this because; I can either send you the connector we use here  in Turkey and you can set up the hose connection accordingly or you can send the burner without connector and we may use connector we have/use here in Turkey directly.

I haven’t got the chance to ask local tank provider about connector adapters yet. I will let you know.

Hope to keep in touch.  Thank you.


  1. Inner diameter of the hose is ~xmm. 
  2. The green tank connector has a flow limit to xxxkBTU/Hr. 

Please ask your local propane provider on what is best for you.   If removing the green connector, there is a question how to connect our red regulator to your tank connector.   If your propane provider knows how to do it, we can send the stove as is. 


I still could not get the info we need. but I’m trying.

Just an idea;  what if we cancel the tank adapter(ACME type 1 QCC) but use the same hose and place a new adapter compatible with tank inlets here in Turkey? Is it doable?  Thank you.


The red regulator gives x0PSI output.  Can you find a local suitable regulator with a local tank connector to replace it?   Our hose/regulator is one assembly, it is not wise to break it as it comprises the safety.  This is why we recommend finding an adapter between your tank and our green ACME type 1 QCC connector. 


Hope you are ok and have a nice fay.  Sorry for my late reply because there was a religious festival and it was holiday and shops were closed.

Today I asked a shop and the man asked the measurement of inlet and everything in mm or in international standard name/measurement.  Can you please inform me about it.


The QCC1 Inlet is 1-5/16 in. female acme.  For mm you just multiply with 25.4.   It is the green connector in the picture.  It requires a brass connector with outer threads on the tank side like below.  We have inquiry from Finland.  They use similar tank plug as yours.  If you can find a tank plug like below red-cap one, the adaptor in this link may work. 


I just completed the purchase of wok burner.

A domestic/household use natural gas infrastructure repairman told me that he could find necessary inlet and threads. The worst case scenario I could order that adapter from or from somewhere else.

It will be shipped to Northern Macedonia, to a friend of mine xxx xxx, you may see it in the address section.

Hope to keep in touch.


WE see your order.  We are glad that you sort through the adaptor issue.     WE don’t usually use DHL.   DHL does not have a drop off location around here.  We typically use FEDEX.  Is FEDEX OK?


I am hopeful about the adapter, not very very certain.

As long as it gets to my friend’s address, there is no problem!

All he says is, “we see DHL vans here very often”, which means shipping companies deliver that location.

One question; if I want to use it with flat bottom pans etc, is there a kind of ring that fits top of the burner, turning it into kind of regular burners?


We will try FEDEX.  Lead time to ship is ~x week.  We will provide tracking information at ship time.  Your flat pan diameter needs > 13”.  Then it can sit on top of the stove directly.  


which size woks can be used on the burner, minimum and maximum sizes, diameters?

And Do I need any spare parts to be used or changed in regular checks, like hose,  o-rings etc. What is your recommendation for regular checks for security.


Wok size from 14” to 16” are good, although the stove can heat up >16” wok.   


I am very excited cooking on your burner.

I have a kind of personal question; which brand, model, chinese cleaver and wok you use? How much you prefer to pay for a cleaver max?

I have only one round bottom 14 inch wok, one flat bottom 14inch and two 10-12inch round bottom woks. But I am not sure if they are good for the job.


WE have a stainless-steel cleaver for last 30 years.   I think any cleaver should do the work.   We have a carbon-steel 14” wok like what we have from our website. 

Your two 14” woks should just work. 


Again a question;   If I connect ACME/QCC inlet to the hose via using an brass adapter and connect the other end of the hose to Turkish propane regulator, does that work, in terms of gas pressure?

How much gas pressure needed?

Thank you.  And so sorry for toooo many questions.


The green ACME QCC connector needs a brass adaptor.  The hose end goes to our stove.  Your tank connector has to come to the brass adapter end.   If your tank connector is a regulator, its output needs > xPSI.


In the attachment, there are two adapters; one is for QCC to European, the other one European to Turkish tanks with valves.

I think that solves the problem.   In the tanks the gas pressure is x bar – xxpsi average.

I will connect directly to the valves.   I am excited !!!


great.  Can you share link to the adaptor from EU to Turkish tank?


Here is the link;