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Electronic Ignition Does not Work.

Customer (PF13L160EI):

Hi,  I just received my wok burner (order number xxxx). Everything is great but I can’t get he electronic ignition to work. What am I doing wrong?  Thanks.


Sorry for the trouble.  Can you send picture of the ignition area?   Do you see a spark between the white tip and brass next to it when turning the right knob to a clicking sound?   Do you hear hissing sound when you turn the right knob? 


Thank you for a prompt reply! I tried it again and it seems to be working perfectly-I suspect I just wasn’t turning the knob far enough!    Thanks for a great product.


Great that you solve the problem.  The ignition copper tube and the white tip area needs to have enough gas to ignite when the spark is generated.  A few clicks might be needed.  Alternatively, you can hold the right knob for a couple seconds before the clicking sound (90 degrees turn) for more gas accumulation.   We have a video “How to start a PowerFlamer propane 160 electronic ignition stove, both ignition flame and main burner flame?” on this page   Hope this helps.