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Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor Question

Customer (PF13CL160):

I received this earlier this month and have had a wonderful first cook!! Love the product. I wanted to ask you, I saw on your website that you used to have a flat bottom cookware adaptor (just steel grates to place on top) so that flat bottom cookware could be used with this (pots and pans). Is that something that is still available for the specific product that I ordered? I see it is for the PF130, and it’s sold out anyways. Is there another product from another source you would recommend that I can place on top of the burner and essentially turn it into a stove for other pots and pans?  Let me know what you think.  Thank you!


Thank for your good words.  The flat bottom cookware adaptor is for our PF13x130 product, not for the one you have.   For your stove, if your flat bottom cookware diameter is >13”, it can simply sit on top of the stove.  If your flat bottom cookware is heavy, please remove the long legs and let the stove sit on a ground for improved stability.