Tutorial – Simple Egg Drop Tomato Soup

Ingredients: One tomato, 1 egg, a handful of dry shrimps, chopped green onion, cooking oil (2 tablespoons). Spices: Salt, soy sauce, starch, water.

Start the outdoor stir fry stove. Follow the instructions to hook up the stove and the propane gas tank, and start the fire. Place the wok or frying pan over the flame. Wait a few seconds till the water (if there is any) in the wok or frying pan has evaporated under the heat.

Prepare and Cook:

Cut the tomato and green onion as shown.

Break and beat the egg in a bow.
Put the starch in another bow.  Add water to dissolve.
  Start the PowerFlamer stove.  Add cooking oil.  Once the oil is hot, add in dried shrimps.  Stir.
Add the green onion.  Stir.
Add water.  Turn on high power of the stove such that the water can boil soon.
Now add salt to taste.
With the spatula constantly stirring the soup, pour in the egg first and then starch water in the middle.  The soup should look thicken.
Add in the tomato.  Stir.
Add soy sauce to taste.
Once the soup is boiled, remove it to a bow.
If the bow becomes too heavy, lift the wok and pour the rest to bow on a table.Done and enjoy.

Note: This tutorial uses our PowerFlamer PF9L product.