Tutorial – Stir Fry Broad Bean

Ingredients: Broad Bean about 1 Lb,  green onion half bundle, cooking oil (2 tablespoons).

Spices: Salt, soy sauce, water.

Start the outdoor stir fry stove. Follow the instructions to hook up the stove and the propane gas tank, and start the fire. Place the wok or frying pan over the flame. Wait a few seconds till the water (if there is any) in the wok or frying pan has evaporated under the heat.

Prepare and Cook:

If you buy fresh broad bean from a produce section of a supermarket, they look like the picture on the left.Typically the skin is hard.  Only harvest the beans inside.

Fresh broad beans from their green shells (skins) might have a yellow color head.  Remove this yellow color material.  You should see a black line underneath (as pictured on the left).Broad bean might be sold in bag and frozen.  Then they are already clean.
Cut the green onion into 1/4″ pieces (the left half on the picture.  The other half is for another dish).
Steam or boil the broad bean to their softness.  This might take 5-30 minutes depending to the ripeness of the beans.  For example, the green broad beans on the left picture requires less amount of time as the more mature looking beans on the right picture.Remove the beans from water to a bow and mix with a spray of salt.  The amount of salt is less than to your taste taste since we will add soy sauce later.
Now start the PowerFlamer Stove. Add cooking oil.
After cooking oil is heated up, add in the chopped green onion.  Stir.
Add in the steamed/boiled and salted broad beans.  Stir.
Add soy sauce to taste.  Stir.
Stir and start to remove to a plate.
Done and enjoy.Note: This tutorial uses our PowerFlamer 13L product prototype.