Tutorial – Stir Fry Pork and Potato

Ingredients: Pork 100g (4oz), 2 Potatoes and green onion 1 piece.

Spices: Salt, soy sauce, water, cooking oil, starch powder .

Start the outdoor stir fry stove. Follow the instructions to hook up the stove and the propane gas tank, and start the fire. Place the wok or frying pan over the flame. Wait a few seconds till the water (if there is any) in the wok or frying pan has evaporated under the heat.


Cut (or chop) pork into tiny pieces.  Add half tea spoon soy sauce and starch powder.
Mix well with chop sticks or spoon.
Peel off skin of potatoes.
Cut each potato into two halves and then thin pieces.
Wash green onion and cut into half inch pieces.
Start PowerFlamer stove.  Add cooking coil to wok.
Add in the potato thin slices.  Do not add any water.  Just stir fry, although the potato slices tend to stick to wok.
Once the potatoes are half done, remove them to a plate.  Half done can be judged by the color of the potatoes.  The pieces should start to become transparent.
Add cooking oil to the empty wok again.
Put in the marinated pork.
Stir fry the pork until 80% done.
Add potato and portion of green onion.
Stir fry and add salt.
Add remaining green onion.
Add soy sauce while stir frying.
While stir frying add water.
Pick a piece to taste.
Remove to a plate.
Close up of the dish.Note: This tutorial uses our PowerFlamer 13L product prototype.