Tutorial – Stir Fry Tofu

Ingredients: Tofu 1 Lb (Hard), green onion a bundle, cooking oil (2 tablespoons).

Spices: Salt, soy sauce, water.

Start the outdoor stir fry stove. Follow the instructions to hook up the stove and the propane gas tank, and start the fire. Place the wok or frying pan over the flame. Wait a few seconds till the water (if there is any) in the wok or frying pan has evaporated under the heat.


Wash and cut the green onion  into 1″ long pieces.  The small chopped one is for another dish.
Cut the tofu into thin (1/5″) pieces.  Put in boiled water to let boiled for 3 minutes.  Remove from boiled water in a bow.
Start the stove and add cooking oil.  
Add the tofu.
Try to turn and move every piece of Tofu to wok surface such that they can be fried.  The stove flame should be adjusted appropriately such that you can do it at ease.  As time goes on Tofu surface starts to turn yellow.
Add Salt to taste.  Stir.
Move Tofu to one side of the wok.  Add in those 1″ green onion pieces to other side of the wok.  Stir.
Now it’s time to add soy sauce to taste.
Stir.  You can see that all Tofu surface are now with soy sauce color.
If it is too dry, add some water.  Stir.
Stir and start to remove to a plate.
Done and enjoy.Note: This tutorial uses our PowerFlamer 13L product propotye.