WooCommerce California Sale Tax Table (CSV file)

My present web site has limitations and these prevent me from running Jetpack and WooCommerce Shipping and Tax plugins.  These plugins require the latest and greatest wordpress/woo commerce/php combined, which my web site does not have for now.  So in order to get the tax calculation going, I create below CSV file for California.   If you need it such that you can rest assured that your customer’s checkout process be smoother and faster because it does not need to go through another online connectivity, you can download it below.   

California Sale Tax Table for Woo Commerce 2020-11 

Here are the steps to install this file in your wordpress admin dashboard:

  1. Click on Plugins -> installed plugins.  Deactivate Jetpack and WooCommerce Shipping and Tax plugins in case you have them activated before.
  2. Click on WooCommerce -> Settings.  
  3. On General tab, check “Enable tax rates and calculations”. Make sure you have entered your store address.
  4. On Tax -> Tax options tab,  choose “Standard” as the shipping tax class.
  5. On Tax -> Standard rates tab,  delete all your old California entries.  Click on “import CSV”, follow the prompt to import above csv file.    At the end you should have a table of >2500 entries.

In case you have spotted any error or want to comment on the data, please use our web site contact us form.  Following links help me in understanding and creating the table:

  1. https://edelalon.com/blog/2013/09/zipcode-to-city-state-excel-spreadsheet/
  2. https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-import-california-tax-rates-csv/
  3. https://www.cdtfa.ca.gov/taxes-and-fees/sales-use-tax-rates.htm
  4. https://www.micro-comp.com/blog/woocommerce-california-sales-tax-rates-csv/