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My burner seems to be plugged. flame is only coming out of a few of the holes. how can I clear the burner?

You can take the burner apart.  Here is how:

  • Flip the stove upside down.

  • You should see a nut fastening the burner to a metal bar across the stove body (wind guard).  Unscrew the nut such that you can take the burner off the stove wind guard.

  • Use a wrench to unscrew the bolt in the middle of the burner.  Once it is out, the two pieces of the burners should fall apart.

  • Now you can clean out all holes.  Please also check if there is any blockage between the burner orifice inlet and the head.

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How much is the shipping cost?

You can click on “add to cart” button beside a product of your interest.  The button will open up a paypal web page.  You can enter your shipping destination and estimate the shipping cost there.

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What is the shipping cost?

In order to calculate the cost of shipping, you can proceed to click on “add to cart” button of your interested stove.  It will direct you to a secure web page where you can further enter your shipping destination and have it calculate the shipping cost estimate.