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A few questions on received EF13LQN50WG

Customer (EF13LQN50WG):

Hello, I received this item but I am concerned about it. Could you please answer some questions.

1) why is the item picture on the box different than the item inside?

2) what are the words that are crossed out on the box?

3) why has packaging been modified in this way?

Thank you.



1. The picture we have on the web site has a wind guard in black color. At the time we took the picture the wind guard material was steel and needed painting to prevent from rust. Since then we changed the material to galvanized which does not require painting from rusting.

2. The box was from our vendor. We make our product from there. When we re-use the box, there was some confusion on which fuel the product should use. This is why we cross out those propane words.

3. We typically configure product depending on order. When we configure, we modify the wording to avoid confusion as possible. The stove you received is an EF13LQN50WG natural gas long leg stove with wind guard.

Let us know any further question. Bests.