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A great Purchase

Customer (PF13L160EI): 

First really impressed with the burner. I find it well designed and very easy to light and to control the heat output. Cooks very well. The heat guard also works beautifully well. I have a metal handle 14” wok with a silicone cover so my hand is very close to the wok burner as I work but it protects my hands. also really appreciate the safety of a braided stainless hose vs rubber for safety.

On the long legs I agree with some of the other users. It’s really not a very stable design for tossing as you mention on your site. My solution was to build a frame for it using maker pipe and emt conduit which was very fun. Thanks also added wheels so I can move it to garage when not in use.

Thanks again. A great purchase and I really appreciate the good communication from dong when I ordered and as I built the cart to hold it.