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Back fire to the control knob

Loc H (EF11SN50, CA):  Hi, Had the 1 burner EF11SQN50 for a few months, work well but recently when turning on the fire came back from the burner to the control knob (on the bottom side). What do need to fix this problem ? Thanks   1.      Please check if most of the burner holes are covered by dirt.  2.      Can you take picture of the bottom of the stove close to the ignition head?   If we can not figure out in email, we will need you to send back the ignition head to us.

Loc H:  Thank you for fast response. I am at work now but I will take pictures when I get home today.  I did tried to clean the holes on both rings last week but it did not help. When turning on, only fews holes got the flame then the fire went backward to the control knob. I will try to clean a little more thoroughly one more time to see if it helps. Will let you know the result.  Are you able to dismount the ignition head?  You need to unscrew the top two screws and disengage the spark plug wire and pipe from the bottom.  Once remove the ignition head, you can do a complete clean up with the burner head by: 1.      Poking all holes; 2.      Tilt the burner such that all dirt from inside the burner comes out of the main pipes.  Once done, restore back the ignition head.  If the problem still occurs, then there might be some leak on the ignition head.   If you are not able to do soap check, you might need to send the head back to us.

Loc H:  Thanks for the help but I think the head leaks.  I want to buy the new ignition head from you now instead of send the bad one back and forth. Please let me know how much and I can send you the money via Paypal. The Model I got from you was EasyFlamer EF11SN50 Item # EF11SN50  We do not have spare ignition head for sale.  But if you can ship your bad one to us, we might be able to find enough spare parts to repair it.  Our shipping address is: XXX

Loc H:  Thanks. I took the one that back fire out and re-cleaned it thoroughly and it is working good now but when I put it together the igniter does not work but it is OK for me. This is a spare one for me and will get another one later for my daughter when she is ready. Thanks again for the excellent services.