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Can’t find the long legs


Hi I received the short legs for the stove.  Did I order the long leg configuration?


Yes you did ordered a long leg stove.  There are two boxes in the package.  The long legs are usually in between these two boxes.  Please check and let us know.


Hi, thanks I found them.  Also the burner works great but the auto ignition portion doesn’t seem to extend into where it can ignite the flame.  Is there some setup required for it?


Great to find the legs.

The auto ignition can’t go close to where the burner flamer is.  Otherwise the burner flamer will burn out the ignition tip in no time.  What auto ignition does is to use the gas pressure to extend the ignition flame long enough to reach the burner to bring up the burner flamer.   Hope this makes sense to you.   When you turn the knob counter-clock wise 90 degrees and you hear a clicking sound, you can see the ignition flame flies out from the ignition tip to the burner.

In order to make more reliable ignition, before the clicking sound, you can hold the knob right before 90 degrees for about 1 second to maximize the gas coming out before ignition.

Also we had included the attached user installation guide when we emailed you at shipment.

Let us know any further question.