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Difference in 160 and 120 PowerFlamer natural gas stoves

Customer (PF13LFN160): 

hi- i’m struggling to find more information on the site about the product i just purchased- which was the natural gas 160 with long legs. can you help me understand the difference between the 160 and the 120 natural gas options? does either model feature a pilot light or electronic ignition? would it be possible to remove the long legs on the model i purchased by unscrewing them? (it looks like they’re removable/adjustable) any help would be appreciated. 


Difference between 160 and 120 natural gas stoves – different in power rating, 160 is for fixed installation where you need to purchase a yellow stainless hose from your local hardware store.  120 goes with a quick connector sets and hose but with reduced power. 

Both stoves have a pilot light which needs manual ignition.  The long legs are detachable.