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Gas smell with PF13L160

Customer (PF13L160): 

I have been noticing that there is a gas smell with my PF13L160 when I’m cooking for a longer time, around 10 minutes. However I don’t notice it if I’m cooking within 2-3 minutes. I’m a little concerned, is this normal?


Can you use soap water to test all joints from regulator to burner to see where it leaks?   Can you send a couple pictures of the hose joints with regulator and valve assembly such that we talk the same things?  

Any outcome on the gas detection?


Thanks for the troubleshooting steps. I tried it out a couple of times but did not notice any bubbles after adding soapy water from the tank, along the hose, to the valves. I don’t smell gas every time, so I’ll try again the next time I smell gas.


If there is significant leak, the regulator will refuse to open fully during startup when you first turn on the tank valve. If you don’t see bubbles, I think it is safe to use the stove.   I agree that you can check it again next time you smell it.