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Handle problem with PF13S160EI

Gia:  When I look back, in all fairness, I realize that the problem might not be caused by a defect of your product, but rather by my improper way of using it after a long winter. First, when I tried to light up the burner, I turned the regulator counter clock wise and put it in the wrong position assuming that was the proper way to turn on gas. I made the same mistake when you returned the ignition to me by putting the regulator nut too far away from the top, not knowing that I should not have touched that valve.

I have never received any level of support from any vendor that can match yours. Being the inventor, the engineer, the customer technical support person and the business owner, you are so knowledgeable and you have been so dedicated to help me resolve the problem in so many ways since the beginning.  Who can beat that?

I will continue to recommend your products to friends and relatives.

Please feel free to post this message on your site.

Gia: Hi, I am very happy to let you know that the problem has now been resolved.  I followed your instructions and I got the burner functioning as expected. I can’t thank you enough for your time and dedication in helping me with this problem.  Best regards,

Outdoorstirfry: Give it fully open, like 1~2cms.  Then you use that to adjust for blue flame. 

Gia: Good catch!  I thought it was simply a nut to attach the ignition to the burner.  How far out should it be?  How about 0.5 cm?

Outdoorstirfry: see attached for where the air shutter is.  

Gia: Where can I find the shutter?  What would be a good time to call you?  I am on the East coast, it is 8:12PM now.  I can call you within the next hour.

Outdoorstirfry: your air shutter is fully closed.  Please turn it out.  The problem should be solved.  Call me xxx-646-xxxx if you do not know what it is.

Gia: Were you able to view my video on and ?

Outdoorstirfry: How about

Gia: Do you know a web site that I can use?

Outdoorstirfry: Can you upload to a web server?  

Gia: The file is too big to be sent.  I will video tape again tomorrow night with smaller resolution.

Gia:  I filled up my gas tank and tried again.  I got the same results.

I am sending you in a separate email a clip of video (40MB) for you to see the problem.

Outdoorstirfry: looks about right.  

Gia:  (image) Please verify the regulator nut is at the right level.  I will fill my tank tomorrow. Thank you very much.

Outdoorstirfry:  Please call me XXX-646-XXXX to discuss.

Gia: Hi, Thank you for following up.  I tried it again tonight, following your instructions:

I open the gas tank valve, and turn the blue valve at about 50%.  I light up the burner by pressing the knob and turning it to the left, there is no hissing sound, and the flame is yellow.  If I release the knob, it comes back out.  If I push it in again, the flame is higher but still yellow. If I release it, the flame becomes yellow and lower.

Then, I turn the blue valve counter clock wise until it goes completely down.  I try to light up the burner by pressing the knob and turning it to the left. There is a hissing sound but the burner does not light up electronically.  I place a burning match in the burner, press the knob in and turn it to the left. It lights up with a yellow flame. I release the knob, it comes out again. I press the knob in, the hissing sound is louder and the flame turns about 65% blue. If I release the knob, it comes out and the flame goes back to yellow.

Should the blue valve be completely turned counter clock wise down?

Is it possible that the tank is low in gaz?

Outdoorstirfry:  Any progress?

Outdoorstirfry:  Yes we did attach the ignition head to the burner and re-test everything.  The ignition only comes when you push in the knob and turn it counter clockwise almost 90 degrees.  Once the ignition starts and the burner is lit up, you should release the knob.  If you want to adjust the flame, just simply turn the knob, counter clockwise for more and clockwise for less.

My phone is XXX-646-XXXX if you need further discussion.

Gia H: Hi, I received the ignition head and reattached it to the burner pipe.  But I experienced the same problem:

After the burner is lit up, I push the knob in while turning it to the left. I hear the pressure building up, the flame is a little more intense but it is not blue as before. As soon as I release the knob, it does not lock in.  The flame become weak again. Did I do it properly?

Have you tested the ignition head while attaching it to a burner before you sent it back to me?

Please advise.

Gia H:  Thank you for fixing the ignition head.  I apologize for not including the spring and the screws. I thought you did not need them.

I will try to reattach it to the burner once I receive it.

I really appreciate your help and I will not hesitate to recommend your products to my relatives and friends, especially with the excellent service I received from you.

Outdoorstirfry: We received the ignition head and are able to fix it.  The return tracking number on fedex is xxx. 

When we received it, the ignition head was in various pieces.  We are not able to find a spring and a couple screws.  Now the head is fully assembled.  When  it arrives to your place, please turn it clockwise into the burner without disassembling anything from the head.  You can bend the ignition arm a bit to make it turn around the burner pipe.  

Outdoorstirfry:  Looks serious enough.  Most likely the ignition switch develops some kind of problem.  Will you be able to detach the ignition head and send back to us for diagnosis?

Here is the steps:

1. Pull out the plastic knob to expose two screws on the front;

2. Use adjustable wrench to un-bolt the top two bolts, save.

3. Now rotate the entire ignition part counter-clockwise until it comes out of theThere are two nuts inside the burner pipe that you need to unwind and take out.

4. Send back to us the ignition head. 

In case that you are not able to detach the ignition head , you can send back the entire stove.  This is heavy and costs more shipping charge.


Gia H (NJ, USA, PF13L160EI): 

I have been very satisfied with the PF13S130EI that I bought, and I have recommended your products to two of my friends who have also bought from you.

I recently encountered this problem: After lighting up the burner, when I push the handle in and turn it all the way to the left, the power of the flame increases with the hissing sound but the handle does not get locked in this “in” position. I would have to hold it while pushing it in all the time. When I release it, it would come back out and the flame becomes very weak (yellow and no hissing sound).

Please advise on how to fix this problem.