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High heat makes all the difference.

Customer (J.M.  PF13L160 + Carbon Steel Wok Set):

Thank you for the quick turn around.  Just received my burner and wok.

I have a question, the wok is different than the one pictured on your website.  No wooden handle.  I am worried that the handle will get too hot.  Also the spatula has a plastic, not wood handle. Please advise.


The wok with a metal handle is actually higher quality than the one in the picture.   The handle would not be that hot during cooking.    Spatula handle is in plastic not in wood.   We could source whatever available from our vendor and make sure they function the same.  At end of our product page there is a statement “Specifications and designs of the products displayed herein are subject to change without notice.”  Bests,


Wanted to let you know that your wok burner is amazing.  High heat makes all the difference.  So easy to use.  Good job.  Best.


Thank you for your good words.