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I believe I need to exchange the PowerFlamer I bought.


Paul (PF13L160)

Hello, I believe I need to exchange the PowerFlamer I bought.  The flame produced by the burner does not appear to be very powerful.  In addition, I cannot adjust the flame because the regulator does not seem to work.  With the burner lit, turning the regulator cap either way does not change the strength of the flame at all.  I don’t think there is anything I could do myself to fix this, so I would like to exchange it for a new one that works properly. Please let me know the procedure for handling this.

Our Answer (if any):

Sorry for the problem.  There is a protection mechanism from the red regulator where it will not give any fuel flow (thus power) out if it is left at open position.  Can you try:

0. Turn off the propane tank valve

1. turn the red regulator off (all the way according to the arrow on the knob)

2. turn on the propane tank valve

3. gradually turn on the red regulator (quite a few turns) to hear the hissing sound

4. Ignite the burner

5. Adjust the power by the red regulator knob

If this still does not work, can we call you to understand more the situation and arrange for shipping it back?  We did test every stove before shipment to make sure their functionality.


Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure if what you described would explain what I observed.  You indicate that the protection mechanism for the regulator would not allow any fuel flow.  When I tried the stove, it had fuel flow and I could see the flame.  However, there was not much of a hiss when the gas came out and the flame, when lit, did not seem to be coming out with much pressure.  Turning the regulator cap did not change the fuel flow at all until it got almost all the way open, then it made a “pop” sound and the flame went out.  If you still think the steps you listed would help I can try it.  Please let me know.

I finally got a chance to try the steps you recommended and it worked out fine.  I got the stove to go from low power to very high power.  Thanks for the help.  Now I just need to get some stretches of good weather so I can get to use it a few times.  I appreciate your prompt attention to the issue I raised.