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I purchased the PF13L160EI and I love it.


Bart Boos, Alberta, Canada (PF13L160EI + CastIronWSL)


I purchased the PF13L160EI and I love it. I use it regularly and have served many great meals to my family and friends as a result. I have a blog that see a fair bit of traffic and have featured your product in it and added your web address, I hope it garners some traffic for you. Great product, fast shipping and a fair price. Thank you.


Link to blog is following:







Our Answer (if any): Great blog posting. Teaching a ChowFun cooking is very invaluable to customers. Let us post your link on our web site. 
Feedback: You are welcome to post the link to the blog.  You sell a great product and I hope you continue to grow your  business.