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I recently purchased the 9″ powerflamer.


Chris, Arizona(PF9CL130)

I recently purchased the 9″ powerflamer. I was inquiring if the stove and connector design are approved by any USA safety standard or reputable USA organization? I wanted to be assured that such a high power stove is safe to use. I am very happy with the stove but wanted to be sure it is safe by American standards.

Our Answer (if any): Thank you for your email. We have not gone through UL or any other safety agency for approval and have not planned on it in the near future. The main reason for UL to check is to make sure that the product will not catch fire during normal use. However our product is to generate fire. So we are not sure how to proceed. Besides, the price to pay to UL for such project is very pricy, easily runs above 100K, which is not affordable for a small business.

We do make sure to use quality parts. Your whole stove is invented and made in USA. We also hope that our customers apply common sense while using the stove. If there is any sense of leaking, please stop using it, find and correct the problem. Typically our stoves are much safer than those turkey fry stoves because stir frying requires the cook to be on the stove side to do it quickly.

Hope we answer your question. Let us know any further question.