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I recently receive your stove.


John, Virginia

Hi, I recently receive your stove. I bought the PF9S50. When it came, I noticed the regulator is only 5 psi, which is not considered high pressure, while on your site you claim it is high pressure. Also, the air shutter cap does not hold very well to the burner.

Our Answer (if any):

Hi Jay, Thanks for giving us your feedback.  The burner is a high pressure burner.  IF the regulator does not produce high pressure gas, the burner will not perform.  In this sense the regulator is producing high enough pressure.  To our understanding, low pressure is measured in water column instead of PSI. With respect to the air shutter cap, there should be a spring between the hose orifice end and the shutter cap.  The spring tightens the cap against the burner such that you can adjust the shutter position with respect to the burner holes for correct gas-air mixture.  If you notice the spring is missing, please let us know.  We will send a replacement. Best Regards,