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I want to protect it from rust.

Customer questions:

I recently purchased the PF13CL160 and cover it with a tarp to give it some protection from rain, snow, etc. . Is this model made out of cast iron? I want to protect it from rust. I have been wiping it down with the high temp avacado oil that I use for cooking. The wok burner inside and top have already begun to discolor from the high temperature flame. I want to prevent rust. Please help with this issue.


The stove is made of cast iron.  We know that we all desire to keep our stove cosmetically good looking.  But the fact is that not many things survive fire (unless we go on stainless), not to mention high temperature flame.  Paint is no exception. So far our solution is to put the wok upside down with the lid on top of it to cover the stove from rain and snow.  This approach does prolong the time for the burner to get rusted.   We know that rust is not desirable.  Without any good solution, at least it stays as a cosmetic issue.   If you can come up with a better solution, please let us know.