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I’m enjoying the stove.

Name: Jim, Kansas

I’m enjoying the stove.

I have one question and one request.  What’s the best way to season a carbon steel wok. I can’t seem to get that slippery “glaze”.

Also, will you please send me an id and password so I can watch the videos on your web site?

(I’m still getting my cooking area together so will send picture as promised.)

P.S. I’m also an EE.  I work in instrumentation and controls (in the food industry.)

Our Answer (if any):

Thanks for telling us that you enjoy the product.  Here is a link to caring your iron wok CareIronWare.  Let us know if it does not answer your question.

Your user id and password for using customer access video is (please observe that they case sensitive):

User id: xxxxx

Password: xxxxx

Lets know how it works out.