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I’m just curious.

Customer (PF13S160):  

Thanks for the tracking #. Probably like many others, I purchased this stove after Kenji’s review. I hope you guys have a boom in business! 
Looking up the history of your company, it’s very impressive. Can you educate me on which products are the ones you have full design control over? and which ones are joint effort with the factory (ODM model)? 
I’m asking because your NG stoves all look very unique, and has an impressive flame for a home range. However, your propane one (this particular powerflamer) is very similar to those generic branded “fast stove” you can find at Chinese restaurant supply stores, for a very similar price range. I’m just wondering regarding your team’s design process with this particular model. Did you base on the generic “fast stove”, and add a few improvements? or is this completely different than the others on the market. 
Again, I’m just curious. I still chose your product at the end because I saw your great support you give to your customer on your website, and it is not more expensive than other stoves on the market. I’m just interested if there is additional advantage to your PF13xx160
Thank you for your question.   Our products are all based upon existing market products, then improved upon by our own usage experience, engineering talent and knowledge.   When we first came to USA, we had a need to stir fry.  We bought a “stir fry” stove from local Wisconsin market.  The stove was made by a company in Louisiana area which was famous in deep frying turkey type of cooking.   During the first stir fry my fingers got burned by the flame.   My friend in Wisconsin helped me to improve it to my own specifications.   When we left Wisconsin, we were granted a few patents from USPTO.  By worrying how to pay the due patent fees, we decide to try to sell to general public.   PF13x130 is the stove from those patents.

Our PF13x160 series is also based upon existing products.  In fact our CM in Asia has to sell their generic version beside supplying to us.   Otherwise they would not survive.   The PF13S160 stove to arrive to you has so far 3 of our patents – improving areas like stability, reliability, safety, outdoor weathering, flame control and tank compatibility etc.  The look of our PF13x160 might be similar to what our CM sells to other vendors from which you supply a link with.   Only using ours will get the benefits accomplished by us along the last 15+ years in solving those problems. 

We are capable of doing the design and development ourselves.  We don’t use ODM model. Bests.


Thanks for the insight! Look forward to the stove. 

I have purchased a couple of fast stoves in the past. The one I purchased 10 years ago, has a 大字形 nozzle, and had a pilot flame, and good flame control. I gave it to my dad so I no longer have it. I can no longer find this model on the market. 

Then I purchased another one like the one in the link below, and it was terrible. The flame control was very bad. It’s either full flame, or medium flame, or off, no in between. There is also no pilot light, so the flames die on me very often.  


PF13S160 solves the problem you describe for the link you gave.   PF13S160 flame control is continuous.   We would love to see a sketch or picture on your dad’s 大字形 nozzle stove.