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ingenuity, dedication, and commitment to quality

Customer (PF13L160): 

I am writing to thank you for your ingenuity, dedication, and commitment to quality. I have been using my brand new 160 (latest model) frequently since I received it. I am amazed at the quality of components, consistent results, and superior effectiveness of the centrally-focused burner. 

In fact, I love it so much that I am only afraid of what I would do if any part broke? Is it possible to order spare regulators and hoses? That seems like the most likely point to fail. 

Also, I am loving the updated pilot light design. It has been working flawlessly. I am excited to feed a small crowd!

Anyway, I just want to thank you again for bringing something truly fresh to the American market.


Thank you for your good words.  We agree that the regulator is the most frequent part needs to be changed.  We usually support once customer reports of such failure.  We would discourage buying individual part as most people don’t know well enough how to restore the entire system.