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My stove — which I bought from you– just quit working.

Customer Question:

My stove — which I bought from you– just quit working. there is no gas getting to the stove.
Does it need a new regulator?
Can I use a high-pressure regulator, or must it be medium pressure?


Did you just replace a 20lbs propane tank?


Yes, I’ve tried 2 different, full tanks.

I seems as though the regulator nipple is not able to engage with the tank valve to initiate gas flow.


Please look at attached page 2 item 7.  Please use a plumbing wrench to further tighten the connector into the tank.  Inside the tank there is a valve that needs to be pushed open by the regulator connector head.

Let’s us know how it goes.


OK– that did it.

Roars like a jet!

I hadn’t had to use a wrench until now– it had worked with hand tightening prior.  I was hesitant to tighten it beyond hand tight– I have a pretty strong grip, too– because it’s aluminum. But that did the trick. Sorry to bother you with something stupid–but I really appreciate your time and help.

Are all medium-pressure regulators rubber-tipped? Are only the low pressure ones made of brass, with the threading on the outside of the nozzle?


Glad that you solve the problem.  The outside thread connector is only for US market.  Since we sell more than US market, we still use the original POL type.