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Pilot Flame to Cook Dishes

Customer (PF13S160)

Hello, I am writing to update my experience with my burner. I am very happy, I like how great it is to use the pilot because it allows me to fry on very low heat, for example I fried potatoes, tilapia and spring rolls only with the help of the pilot. I’m sending you pictures of today’s food May 10, vegetables with shrimp and chicken, caramelized ribs, spring rolls and butter fried rice. Kind regards.

Pork  Rib and Spring Rolls
Pork Rib and Spring Rolls



Thank you for pictures of your delicious dishes with technique of using the pilot flame.   Do you get too much yellow flame if you only use it?


Hi, I use the pilot light to fry as normal without worrying about burning my food. the flame is blue. In Mexico we used to fry plantains for dessert, I also fried potatoes for hamburgers. I used the high heat for the vegetable, shrimp and chicken stir-fry. My guests were able to savor the authentic taste of Asian food from restaurants but cooked in my garden. Kind regards.