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Propane Hose


Derek, Delawre(PF13L160EI, PF13L130EI)
Have electric ignition wok burner and love it. The last time I went to use it, I noticed the hose had a hole in it. The hose also looked like it had some bite marks on it. Given that the hose is not usable, I was wondering if you sell the hose and clamps seperately? I was hesitant to just pickup a BBQ replacement hose at Lowe’s without sending this note.
Our Answer (if any):  

Can you send us a picture of the hose and the stove?  We will be able to identify what needs to be done.  Please do not buy a BBQ hose at this time.  The BBQ hose might only be rated for low pressure use.


I have attached a picture of the hose.  I ended up cutting a section of it where it was damaged prior to the picture. I think the easiest route would be to replace the entire hose and and valve with fittings. Please let me know the cost for this part(s) if it is available. I really like the stove and would not mind a backup burner for special occasions.

Also, I just purchased a new stove thati s sligtly smaller than the PF13L160EI model that we were discussing (2153-5678-0640-1823). In general, the stove worked great and the 20lb gas tank lasted a very long time. We use the stove 2-3 times a week and it is solid. We actually had another of these stoves when we lived in North Carolina, but gave it to a neighbor when we moved to Delaware.