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Still around?

Customer (PF13L130): 

I wanted to buy a PF13L160 and wanted to make sure they were still available and you are still shipping during Covid.

Also I was wondering if you had a recommendation of large wok size.  I’ve been cooking on what is probably an 18″ wok and was looking to move up to somewhere between a 20″ to a 24″. Do you have any thoughts as to what large sizes work well with the burner?

I bought a PF13L130 from you a few years back and have loved it. I cook for my family of 7 through the Minnesota winters and though it sometimes struggles, I’m almost always able to cook except on the coldest/windiest days. We’ve just moved to CA and didn’t bring the stove with us and I figured I’d get an upgrade anyway as I’ll be cooking for 9 now.  Thanks.


Welcome to California.  If you are anyway close to south bay area next to San Jose, you probably can have a local pick up to save shipping charge etc.  We are shipping PF13L160 no interrupted by COVID-19.   PF13L160 is more suitable for large size of family.   The stove should be able to accommodate large wok size.  20~24″ wok should not be any problem.   We don’t carry those large size.  I believe you can always find and order online.