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Thank you for the prompt shipment. I am extremely excited to begin using the PowerFlamer!


Dr. Gross, Aurora IL
Thank you for the prompt shipment.  I am extremely excited to begin using the PowerFlamer!  I have searched the internet for several months and have not found anything as powerful or so well designed for wok stir frying.

As a marketing option, I noticed there is a long discussion about wok burners on, which is a society for people who love to cook.  I am not a member so I am not able to post a response, but there are quite a few posts from members who are looking for a powerful wok burner.  They have expressed they cannot find really good ones, and they have only found the burners used primarily for turkey frying or using large stock pots.  I’m not sure how to post without joining, but I think getting your name and your product on that website would be a great opportunity to reach out to more people who really want your products.

The other thing I noticed was that I only found out about your product when searching Google when I included “outdoor” and “stove” in the search.  I didn’t start out using those search words.  I had a tough time finding your website with just searches like “wok burner”, “burner high BTU”, “jet burner”, “asian wok”.  I kept finding India Joze and eGullet and sporting good store websites.  I hope that info helps.

Our Answer (if any): Thank you for pointing out the difficulty of finding our web site.  We will execute on your suggestions.