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I rec’d my PowerFlamer last Friday as promised and I love it!


Gregg, Dallas TX
I rec’d my powerflamer last Friday as promised and I love it!  I have cooked on it twice with good success.  I cooked a pork with vegetable stir fry on Friday night and last night I cooked cashew shrimp for my wife and thai basil shrimp for myself.  So far I have only used my 14″ pow wok.  It is nice to be able to cook a decent amount of food without the wok cooling down (like the electric home stove top).  I  will be trying out my 16″ wok the next time I cook something.

Do you know if I can use my cast iron wok on the gas flame of the PowerFlamer?

 Also, do you have any good links that you can recommend for Asian and Thai recipes and videos?

 Also, have you ever thought of developing an indoor PowerFlamer stove?

 What favorite stir fry dishes do you prepare most often?

Thanks again.  A very happy customer in Dallas, TX

Our Answer (if any):

Thanks for your feedback. 

  1. Yes, you can use your cast iron wok on the stove;
  2. Currently we do not have any link to good cooking video besides those on our web site.  I’m sure you know how to search on the web.  In terms of recipes including Asian and Thai, you go from our web page Recipes;
  3. Indoor PowerFlamer is an interesting thought.  The problem is how to overcome the smoke and grease inside the house.  Outdoor solves these issues well;
  4. We typically like very light dishes – a lot of veggie with meat almost used as spice.  During holidays we cook some meaty dishes but mostly they are left on table seldom touched.

Best Regards.