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The flame of the stove is indeed very powerful, but too much centered to the middle of the wok.

Name: Robert, the Netherlands.
1. The flame of the stove is indeed very powerful, but too much centered to the middle of the wok. With other wok burners the flame is more scattered over the wok.
2. The wok that came with the wok burner has short handles, as a result of this sometimes you lose the hairs on your hands/arms. I bought a wok with a long handle, this solved the problem.
Our Answer (if any): 1. When the stove power is increased by turning the red cap regulator to more ON, you should observe that the flame increases to cover more wok bottom area until it reaches out all area defined by the wind guard (9” diameter).  Most wok burners out there use low pressure gas.  Their flame is not as powerful to reach other area other than where it points at.  This is why they have to build a lot of holes covering a lot of area, which results in low efficiency.

2. The wind guard is designed such that proper handling will not hurt your bare hand. 

    1. First you should operate on the opposite side of those two flame windows on the wind guard since they emit powerful flame;
    2. You should not come close to those two windows whenever the stove is ON. this means that your hand should not pick up the short handle on the side of wind guard windows. Usually a dish is light weight enough for you to just operate with the handle on your side;
    3. Try not to lift the wok during cooking. Tilting is good. Lifting may permit the flame to escape from within the wind guard to reach you. Thus we suggest you do not do those tossing actions often seen in TV shows.  Tossing is never a traditional cooking method.
    4. If you are willing to see some demo, please go to video tutorial page.  In the demo you will see that we are using our bare hand to operate one short handle.
    5. It is also a good practice to turn OFF the stove via the red cap regulator after you complete a dish.  In this way there is no flame to hurt you when you want to lift the wok to move the dish to a plate.   Remember also to close the propane valve after the entire cooking.