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The PowerFlamer is all go!


Rosana, New Zealand (PF13L130+Stainless Wok Set)

The PowerFlamer is all go!! We tried it tonight for the first time and had a lovely stir fry meal!!
It was delivered by Courier Post which is linked to New Zealand Post.  No duty was needed to be paid.  We brought a reasonably decent sized gas bottle from the local gas store for around $50 NZD, that has been the only additional cost from the payment to your company.  The connection did not need to be changed or adjusted at all, it was hooked straight up to the gas bottle without any difficulty and away it went!!

Hope it is helpful for you to know that no change in connection is needed on this end and that the package arrives safe and sound via courier once in NZ.

The only problem was that the lid sent over is a lot smaller than the wok!!

Our Answer (if any): We are glad that shipping to NZ is much easier than some other countries.

Usually people use a smaller size lid than the entire wok surface for two main reasons:
1.  the dish to be cooked is usually much smaller than the wok.  A smaller lid can cover a smaller area to be heated up sooner.
2.  People tilt quite often to heat the food evenly to prevent tossing and breaking the food (such as Tofu).  An as big size lid as a wok will fall off and will not cover the wok surface tightly.
Thanks. Fair enough, we obviously cook way to bigger meals haha!  Thats all fine.
Thanks again for all your help, we are very pleased with our outside wok.