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This is our second PowerFlamer stove.


Ron, Idaho (PF9L130 stove in 2005 and PF13L130 in 2009)

(Accompany with the order) This is our second PowerFlamer stove (our 9″ PF stove has lasted almost 4 years) and we use it several times a week.  Your products are well appreciated, especially by us stir-frying Asians.  I wish you well in your business and I hope you continue to prosper.

(Web site feedback) We ordered our second stove PF13L130. Our first PF9L130 has given us so much enjoyment over the past 4 years. It has survived hot summers and snowy winters. Almost daily stirfries. Not only have we become proficient at stir fry techniques, but our family has benefited greatly from eating more healthier meals. And our house has remained clean and smoke free. THANK YOU for offering such an excellent product.

Our Answer (if any): Thank you for your good words and sharing with us your experience about our PowerFlamer stove.  Can you share with us which part fails functioning on your PF9 stove?
Feedback: The center burner has a split where the holes are for the gas to escape.  The split allows the propane to shoot downward and to the side making the stove ineffective (and a bit dangerous — the flames come out below the wind guard).  Other than the defective burner, the wind guard and legs are fine.  Do you sell just the burner?  Thanks for your service.