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Wind guard

Customer (EF13LQN50WG): 

I just ordered an EasyFlamer EF13LQN50WG ten minutes ago from your website. I am wondering if it is possible I can have one with wind guard in regular steel in black instead of in galvanized steel with no paint. My order receipt number is xxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxx. Thanks!

Thank you for your order and your message through our contact form.   The stove will ship out tomorrow.  We no longer offer black painted steel wind guard.   All our current products go with the galvanized steel wind guard as it is more weather proven.  Let us know if you have further question.


Thank you for quick responding. I am fine with galvanized steel wind guard. The black one just looks better 😁. One question: even though the one I bought is a quick disconnected one, can I keep it connected all the time after I use it each time? Thanks!!


Yes you can keep the connection after use.   In our installation guide we teach to install a manual shut off valve before the quick connection socket on the natural pipe line.  You will need to turn off this manual shut-off valve after use to prevent any gas coming through to the stove.   We will send the installation guide along with ship-out email.


Do I need to buy a manual shut off valve from local hardware store or it comes with the package which you mail to me?


You will need to buy the turn off valve yourself according to your pipe size.   They are readily available from your local hardware store.