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Wok thickness

Customer (PF13L160): 

Hello,  What thickness is the carbon steel of the 14″ wok you sell?   Also, I saw a 1mm 14″ wok for sale on another web site (carbon steel) – is that too thin for your wok burner? Thanks.

I have just received your wok burner the 160,000BTU one manual start. I am so keen to start using it.

My main object is to achieve the wok “hai” flavor. When I cook noodles etc. will the “hai”taste come automatically or do I have to visibly burn them a little to get that taste?

Many thanks!!!


Our wok thickness is close to 2mm.  The heavier the wok, it is easier to retain heat.  But of course it is heavy and sometime hard to handle. 

In term of the “wok hei”, can you read our page at   You will have to try it out yourself in term of getting the right amount of caramelization.


Thank you so much for your prompt reply.  Also thank you making such a great wok burner!  
Cheers and thanks,