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New accessory to solve sometime hard to get gas out of tank problem

There are quite some variety of propane tanks made by various vendors.  Some tanks are quite old as well.  Since people exchange tank with store whenever a new tank of gas is needed, there is always a chance when the new arriving tank has problem connecting to existing equipment.   One problem is that regulator imported from Asia does not have a fully compliance POL connector, as shown in below picture.

Typical Asia Propane Regulator

Although above connector works mostly, there might be some tanks that present difficulty. has added an accessory that makes this connection painless.   Our EasyTankConnector is shown below and can be ordered in our accessory product page.


Our EasyTankConnector has a true soft nose hand wheel male POL connector for the tank and a female socket for the stove regulator connector.   One example of use is below.

Example of EasyTankConnector 1 Example of EasyTankConnector 2

With Outdoorstirfry’s EasyTankConnector, we should be able to get gas out of any tank.