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hole in an outdoor kitchen tabletop

Customer (PF13SFN160): 

Just got delivery yesterday (the PF13SFN160) and it looks great. Thank you!

Is there way to install it as a burner by making a hole in an outdoor kitchen tabletop? As in, have the grey wok ring above the countertop and most/all of the windguard and base below? Or is there a need to have airflow come in under the windguard such that the whole unit needs to be above the counter?

Sorry for the silly question , but figured you’d know best. Any photos of outdoor kitchen installations that your other customers have done would be most appreciated.


The stove needs air inflow from bottom of the wind guard.  You can in-build the stove under the counter top.  But your hole needs to have holes that can supply air to the bottom of the wind guard/burner.   Hope we answer your question.