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Rust on Burner

Customer (PF13L160): 

Good morning,  I purchased the PowerFlamer Propane 160, Item# PF13L160.  Over the past year I have noticed corrosion/rust building up from moisture inside the holes of the wok burner head. At this point, only half of the head has flame and that is a dirty yellow flame. I have always kept the wok burner covered but moisture has still managed to get in via humidity etc. I have tried wire brushing and using compressed air to clear the holes but nothing works. It is now less than a year from purchase and it is unusable. Do you have a stainless replacement version or recommend some course of action?


Moisture is one factor to speed up rust build up.   Even our indoor gas range burner holes can be built up with rust and have to be cleaned.   Iron with heat and oxygen tends to rust.  The rust reduces the hole size.  Recently a local customer brought back his burner, similar situation to yours, yellow flame, only ¼ ring has flame.   What we found was that liquid (soup or oil) was poured over the burner and we had to use a wire (similar to the hole size) to clean every hole to restore the flame to satisfactory condition.   Please use appropriate wire or even grinder to remove any hole rust build up.   Wire brush and compressed air are useful after the holes are restored to their proper size. 

In term of other material for burner, we know other material will not last as long as cast iron as burner.  Under intense heat, other material also oxidizes and the oxidation can eventually plug the holes.