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Customer (PF13SFN160): 

Want to say thanks (as in Thanksgiving) for the 160, short-legged.
The weather here in upstate New York has become very wintery, some snow and cold too, but did cabbage with garlic and peppers.  It works great, I would have chosen the “Mongolian” style burner too (I’ve seen it referred to as that somewhere).  It is jet engine force.  Most appreciate the way the  160 totally seems like was assembled in garage at home from available hardware store pieces, except of course for the burner parts and ring.  I show it off and wok away.
    . . . drop on by and we will stir fry!
Happy Thanksgiving!   Thanks for the good words.   PF13SFN160 series is still in its early stage.   We don’t know where to find manufacturer for it yet.  So we home make it as you pointed out.   For natural gas, it seems jet type burner is the only choice to reach such power level.
I came across “Mongolian” burner before.  Please the link of it if you have it for me to confirm.  I believe it is using propane gas.   It is different from what you get from us.   It is close in construction to our propane PowerFlamer series like PF13L160 but I’m not sure it can reach as high power as our burners.
Thanks for the invitation.  Let us know any further feedback.
Bests of the season.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks for the pictures.  The pot stickers are beautifully done.   I know your cookware is of cast iron type.