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New models and cleaning?


I was wondering if you had a preferred method of cleaning the whole burner. Usually, I don’t clean the burner after every cook. Is there a way that you would recommend to clean it fully? To restore it? What I mean is: rust, debris, what problems to look for…?

Also, have you updated the 160 manual ignition model? Will you continue making it, or is the electric model what you will be focusing on?


When using the stove, try not to spill thing on top of the burner.  Burner holes need to stay clean and without clog.  In case you observe yellow flame, it is time to clean the holes.  

People like pilot flame and manual stove is popular.  We will keep offering it.   We strive our best to update images on our product pages to reflect the latest products as we improve.   For latest look, please check out our product pages at