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Received unit

Customer (EF05SQN10DUO):

I wanted to let you know I received the outdoor burner and used it once. It works great and I appreciate all your help. I didn’t have the optimal wok for it, but still enjoyed the cooking I did on it. 

One question – do you have any recommendations for covers that you have found to be a good fit for it? I will leave mine outside, and would like to protect it from the rain. I can search online, but thought you might have bought some for yourself in the past.  All the best.


Glad that the stove works for you.

To cover the stove, we suggest to just use the wok flipped upside down and put on top of the burner.   In your case your stove has two burners, we would recommend to use your cooking pot (wok) upside down on one burner and the lid from the wok pot) on another burner.   If you were to find anything beyond what we recommend, please find something heavy enough to prevent the wind blowing it away and no rust under rain.  Hope this helps.