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How to act as your own broker for import in Canada?


Below please find steps from one customer teaching how to act as your own agent for custom clearance purpose in Canada.  Please bare in mind that the requirement from government often changes and below is only for information purpose.  

This self clearance is handled under a program called the Courier Low Value Shipment Program (, and it can be used on any goods below $1600 CAD in value.

The steps to go through this:

Note: If the receiver is notified about fees owing by UPS, they can skip step 1, and contact the UPS brokerage directly.

  1. When the first delivery attempt is made, state that you will be self-clearing the package through the CBSA. Under no circumstances should they pay anything at this time, as that is considered to be them consenting to using UPS as their brokerage firm. The package will be returned to the depot, and they may or may not make another delivery attempt. Again, indicate that the package will be self-cleared.
  2. Call 1-800-742-5877, and select option 3.
  3. Tell the representative that you will be self clearing the package, and that you are requesting the invoice and shipping manifest for the package.
  4. Normally they will receive this by email within one business day, but I have had to call and email up to three times to get the information sent. They do include some instructions, but take note of the email address on the forms, as you need to return the forms to the same individual.
  5. Locate the nearest CBSA office that is part of the Low Value Shipment Program ( All airports that handle international flights will have one of these.
  6. Take the paperwork, as well as a piece of photo ID to the CBSA office and ask to clear a shipment.
  7. Provide the CBSA officer with the paperwork, and they will handle any currency conversion and determine the duties owed. Payment can be made using credit card, Interac, and cash, but credit is preferred. 
  8. You will be provided with CBSA Form B15 showing proof of payment.
  9. Make sure the UPS tracking number is written on the form, and send it back to the address listed on the instructions, or alternately fax it to 1-770-990-1724.
  10. Normally the package will be scheduled for delivery the next day.

One additional note is that UPS requires that the shipment be cleared within 48 hours, so once you receive the paperwork, get the package cleared ASAP.

I hope this can help smooth shipments for you in the future.