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Customer (PF13L160):

I cook Chinese food 3 times a week, have been to China a few times, and own more than twenty Chinese cookbooks. I realized that there is one absolutely crucial element to achieve wok hey, which is at the heart of Chinese cooking, and that is a powerful burner. No western burner is good enough for wok hey Chinese style. You need more than 50,000 BTUs for a number of preparations – good luck finding that even in a professional Western style restaurant stove. I searched wide and large for a suitable burner and I finally found it: the outdoorstirfry burner PF13L160 is the best in its class. It gives you more than enough power for ANY Chinese food preparation. A fantastic product. Get it, and then go to this Utube channel to learn how to use it: It truly is a different technique the one you need to master or you will eat ashes. A final word about Mr Dong. He is a terrific guy, always willing to help, and very prompt on the uptake when there is a problem to solve. Do yourself a favor and get the PF13L160. A new world of taste awaits you.

The only thing to work on in the future is to make it a little more rust proof…


Thank you for your feedback.  Our next gen burners will be much more rust proof.