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Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor Question

Customer (PowerFlamer PF 160):

I need a flat-bottom cookware adaptor for my PF 160 burner. The only adapter I can see in your site is this SKU: FBCA_PF13x130 Category: Accessory Tags: FBCA_PF13, FBCA_PF13x130, flat bottom cookware adaptor.  Please advise how I can order a flat adaptor that will work for the PF-160 burner.  Thank you for your kindest attention.  Best Regards.


FBCA_PF13x130 does not work on PowerFlamer 160.  It only works for our PF13x130 stove.  We are afraid that people order it by mistake and purposely remove its inventory.  For PF 160 there is no flat bottom cookware adaptor.  If your flat bottom cookware diameter is >13”, you can place it directly on PF160 stove.  My wife has one flat pan and uses it with a PowerFlamer propane 160 stove without any problem.