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Material around stove and Flame level

Customer (PF13S160): 

thank you, confirming receipt of the stove now. Looking forward to testing it out.

I know you mentioned that there should be 1 ft of clearance on all sides of the powerflamer propane 160, but since I got the version without any legs, would it be a problem or safety issue to use it on an all-steel table? I assume the excess heat would not be sufficient to damage a steel table, but I wonder if the reflected heat would be damaging to the stove’s internal components.


No combustion material 1 foot around the stove.  Steel table is fine.   When you increase power such that flame comes out of the bottom and side hole, the stove becomes in-efficient.  You are using fuel to heat the stove body instead the your wok.   Please avoid flame coming out bottom and side.