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Questions regarding PowerFlamer 160

Customer (PF13S160): 

I received the stove, and it’s wonderful. I was trying to submit the questions below via your web interface, but the server kept timing out. So, here it goes:

  1. The stove is nicely modular, meaning, modules/parts can be changed and replaced as needed and as available. In that respect, what are the chances of making a wok adapter ring that is slanted wand has rolled edges, like a typical Cantonese-style restaurant burner (see attached image)? With the current ring, the rocking, wok tossing technique isn’t quite as smooth to pull off. Also, the current flame guard only covers a quarter of the circle, which occasionally is not enough. A separate stove ring as pictured would be awesome, ideally one that could be attached somehow to improve stability. Are any other adapters planned, like a flat, cast-iron plate for more even heat distribution for making paella or other things that benefit from a flat surface/griddle?
  1. I am planning on integrating the burner into a stainless steel rolling cart. I’d like to attach a 90-degree adapter to the front, like others have done. Before I disconnect the hose, would you be so kind to let me know what the thread size is?               
  1. Also, for controlling output, ideally, I’d like to use a quarter-turn ball valve (i.e., have the current main gas valve wide open and control burner output via the quarter-turn ball valve). I am thinking of the valves that are typically used on commercial wok burners, like in the second image attached. Have you tried this approach, or are you otherwise aware of any suitable ball valves that cover the output range with a 90-degree turn, ideally linearly?
  1. Finally, the adjustment for changing air intake after the valves is difficult to operate. Is that intentional, and if so, what is the reason for not using a beefier, easily turnable ring as can be found on other wok burners?

Thank you so much in advance!


Very good questions.

  1.  All your suggestions are great.  At this point we don’t plan on adding anything like you described.   We will keep them in our mind.
  2. 3/8”
  3. The valve ¼ turn you show is not suitable.  It is typically used in low pressure appliance.  The stove you have uses high pressure gas.
  4. The air/fuel turn wheel is not meant to be adjusted all the time.  Once adjusted to achieve the best mixture (strongest flamer with full burner circle flame), it should be left not touched anymore.