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Wok burner (PF13L160) Not Hot Enough


I noticed my burner is not turning up so high.  I have it on full blast and I can only get a medium flame.  I did leave it out overnight and there might be some rust accumulating, maybe the holes are a little plugged.  It used to run very hot at max output.  What do you think?


One highly possible reason is that you leave a burner valve in open position when you turn on the tank valve.   The regulator detects a leak and only gives partial pressure out.   To reset the regulator, here is the procedure:

  1. Turn off fully the propane tank top valve – to stop any more gas coming from the tank;
  2. Turn on fully the burner left valve – to let all pressure inside the regulator go out.
  3. Turn off fully both burner left and right valves – to prepare for regulator leak check.
  4. Turn on the propane tank valve – you should hear one click from top of the tank immediately.  Then after 10~30s you should hear another clicking sound from the regulator indicating it is completing its leak check and full pressure is available.  If you don’t hear this second clicking sound, you should do a leak check to see where a leak develops and fix it. 
  5. Once you hear the 2nd clicking sound, you can turn on the burner valve to ignite.

We have mentioned this on item #8 on page 3 of the installation guide.  

Let me know any further question.


Wow, it works!  Thanks