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Smell Gas

Customer (PF13LQN120): 

I just installed my burner. A few questions:
1. Is it normal to not see the flame in daylight?
2. I smell unburnt gas when using… is it possible all the gas it not burning up?
3. What is the round cast iron ring for? Must it be used at all times? 
1.  You are right.  It is difficult to see the flame in daylight.
2.  Whenever we smell unburnt gas, we need to check if anywhere has a leak.   The stove was tested before ship, we did check for leak before.   Have you noticed that the pilot light does not have flame?   Is the pilot valve turned off fully?   Is there any orifice from the main burner not lit up?   Please check it in the evening time such that you can see the flame.   Are you using the quick connector pair we shipped to you.   Any picture of your setup would help.  And Let’s us know.
3.  If you mean the silver cast iron ring, it should sit on top of the stove wind guard to support a wok.   It is called wok adapter.   It needs to be used all the time otherwise the stove flame may not come around the wok and may not function correctly. 
Let us know any further question.
Thanks so much for your quick response. Follow-ups:
As for point 2. Yes I have used the supplied adapter. Yes I have used a soap water to check for leaks at all connections, my connections as well as yours. There are no leaks. I’m concerned that there is gas coming out of the burner while burning and just not fully igniting 100% of it. 
 As for point three, I’m actually talking about the attached pictures. Does this piece always need to be on? Do I have it installed correctly?
Yes by picture I know your quick connectors are installed well.   
for item 2, please view all orifices during evening time such that you can check if all are with flame.   If not all having flame, the stove needs to turn on more power.
for item 3, this is the piece that covers all stove orifices such that all flame can be focused toward the bottom of the wok.  Without this piece on top of the orifices, the flame may not be optimum.   There are notches on this piece that you need to align it right on top of the burner ring for a flush mount.   
Let us know any further questions.