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Purpose of the regulator

Customer (PF13CS160)

I had a quick question regarding the regulator for the Powerflamer 160 I bought in March 2022. I see that the regulator model, painted red, is “XXXX XD01” but cannot find much information online with respect to what the PSIG is limited to. Do you have this information? 

As a curiosity, if I get a longer hose without a regulator (and control the 20lb tank’s pressure using the tank valve), would that work in theory? Is the regulator here only used for fine flame control?


The regulator output is XXX PSI.   The stove needs a constant gas pressure to operate.  If you get a longer hose, please connect after the regulator.  The tank pressure can vary widely from 50PSI to 350PSI.   This will put the stove and people around to danger.  Please do not operate the stove without the regulator.